~~~ Open Seances ~~~

Cost:   $20 per person.  Cash only is accepted.  ATMs are within one block of the church.
Time:  7:20 PM on Sundays church services are held.  Doors will be locked at 7:20.  Please be on time as we do not like to shut participants out.
Where:  114 E 35th St. (between Park and Lexington) in the Assembly Hall, upstairs.
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Note: You do not have to buy a seance booklet in order to attend our seances.  You may just show up without an appointment and pay for the seance at the door.  We do not take reservations or appointments for seances.  All seances are open to the public provided participants adhere to the rules as listed below.  If you are new to our seances, please take a few moments to inform yourself by reading the article below.
Exactly what is a seance?

This question is asked by many people when first visiting our website or visiting our church in person.  The word seance can be confusing and mean different things to different people. 
At the Spiritualist Church of NYC Seances are Message Circles.  Participants sit in chairs, arranged in a circle.  The lights are dimmed to shut out physical distractions.  Usually there is a small table in the center of the room with a candle lit to softly illuminate the room.  We create a very safe psychically charged setting in which to receive communication from those who have crossed over.  We call these entities, spirits, loved-ones, guides, teachers, healers and angels.  Some less informed may also refer to these entities as the dead.  Spiritualism, however, does not customarily use the word dead, because it implies that we are literally communicating with someone who is dead.  Although it is a fact that the body is mortal and thus subject to death, the spirit of the individual lives on in another dimension we call The Spirit World.  This world is akin to other religion’s terms such as heaven or the after life.  Whatever you call it, we believe that the human spirit lives on after death and may communicate through a variety of means with those still living on the earth. 
Our spirit friends, relatives and others often visit our séances each week at the Spiritualist Church of NYC.  They not only visit us, but will make their presence known through our Certified Mediums who conduct the seance.  Usually a spirit will identify him/herself through a medium verbally, by describing their personality, appearance, how they may have crossed over, what they did for a living or other unique characteristics so that you will know with whom the medium is communicating.  Once the spirit identifies him/herself in the above manner, they will give a message to you.  Messages are usually expressions of love, guidance, healing, gestures of help with your life and even regret or apologies for perceived misdeeds.
The séance is composed of four parts as far as the conductors are concerned.  To the participant these parts appear to be seamless.  First we open the séance with a prayer for protection, peace and to welcome those who have crossed over to visit us.  This is a spiritual prayer and non sectarian.  Second, the conductors will guide the participants through a relaxing, gentle meditation, the purpose of which is to quiet the mind, expand the awareness and to open us to be receptive to the frequencies of the other side.  Meditation also reduces stress and anxiety.  Third, after guided to return from meditation, the séance conductors will begin to give you messages from those who have crossed over.  We try to give a message to everyone.  However, this is not always possible, especially in large groups.  After about 30 minutes of this, the séance conductor will allow a short time for other mediums and even students to give messages.  This helps them to exercise their mediumship, thus making it stronger, more developed and more accurate.  Fourth, the séance will conclude when the energy begins to wane.  This transition is perceived by the conductors.  Once this is realized a prayer of thanks to the Divine and gratitude is expressed to those spirit people who have come to visit us.

In order to create and maintain a safe séance setting we have established séance rules and etiquette.  As an example, we strictly adhere to the following:
1. Please be on time.  Once the séance begins, we cannot admit latecomers.
2. Please don’t get up during the séance for any purpose or to leave the room.  By doing so you will disrupt the delicate connection to the frequencies and the connection to the spirit world.  Of course in case of emergency we make exceptions to this rule.
3.  Please turn off all cellular devices or other noise making electronics.
4.  If you are hearing impaired, you may use NON-noise making personal equipment.  If you simply have trouble hearing, please inform the séance conductors before the séance begins and they will try to accommodate you by asking you to sit close to them in the circle.
5.  Any type of behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful, rude, angry or, abrasive will not be tolerated.  If for some reason a participant does not comply with rules of common decency or is unable to comply with this rule, the séance conductors are ultimately in charge and will have such person removed from the room.  Therefore the Spiritualist Church of NYC reserves the right to evict anyone who creates a scene or engages in such negative behavior.
6. To protect the privacy of each participant, audio or video recording is not permitted. 
7.  Because our séances are message circles, we do not permit participants to practice trance-mediumship during the séance.  Trance work is reserved for other specially controlled settings and is considered inappropriate in our séances.
8.  At all times the séance conductors will “police” the séance to make sure that the above rules are followed.  Séance conductors have the responsibility to protect everyone from any inappropriate behavior.
9.  Messages of doom and gloom are not given by the séance conductors.  Nor do we allow other mediums to give such messages.  If a participant begins a message, or at any point during the message doom or gloom is given by a medium, the séance conductor will immediately interrupt the medium and not permit the message to be given.
10.  All séance conductors at the Spiritualist Church of NYC are certified.  This means that they have had extensive training in psychic and mediumship development as well as having completed a rigorous and advanced Certified Séance Course and internship at the Holistic Studies Institute.  Many of our conductors have devoted years to cultivate their gifts in order to be of service to others.  Therefore we ask that you abide by these rules as well as respect the séance conductor as they are the authority figure, representing the church Board of Trustees.  The séance conductor is responsible for enforcing all the above rules on behalf of the church.
11.  No one under the age of 14 is permitted to attend the séance. Anyone between the ages of 14 – 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must give permission for those in their care to attend the séance.

12.  In larger groups, every attendee is not guaranteed of receiving a message.

We hope that you will find our séances to be spiritually enriching.  Here at the Spiritualist Church of NYC you will experience the wonderful energies of light and love coming from those on the other side who wish to continue their relationship with you despite the fact that their physical body has ceased to exist. We know the spirit lives on.